Blue Sky Research Program

Clint South does undergraduate research in Seth Marder's organic chemistry lab.

The McCamish Parkinson’s Disease Innovation Program supports high-risk, blue sky research that has long-term potential to impact the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Areas of particular interest include:

  1. Integrated research in human and animal studies to uncover connections between different scales of investigation and leverage relative strengths of approaches
  2. Use of advanced data science methodologies in PD related research
  3. Linking individual-specific brain circuits function to cognitive, sensory, motor outcomes
  4. Multi-scale brain activity mapping in relationship to behavior
  5. Stimulation and/or closed-loop control strategies at the cellular/circuit or systems level
  6. Investigation of non-motor aspects related to PD and movement disorders
  7. Use or development of novel technologies for intervention in PD, across levels from genes/molecules to circuits/networks to rehabilitation

The McCamish Blue Sky Research Program was designed for projects/teams that are at various stages of research related to Parkinson’s disease, from nascent ideas to more well-developed investigations that already have some preliminary momentum. More specifically, the Blue Sky Research Grants are larger grants intended for more well-developed projects, whereas the smaller Blue Sky Seed Grants are intended to help teams with earlier stage ideas develop enough momentum to pursue the Blue Sky Research Grants.